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ICT-DM 2017 conference committees

Keynotes: Mission-based Design of ICT
A note on the reviewing process

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Published papers

Web services classification for disaster management and risk reduction, A. Laachemi and Dalila Boughaci
Assessing the Perceived Value of Cloud-based Technologies in Natural Disasters: The Case of New Zealand Emergency Management, Y. Lu, S. Dillon, K. Rastrick and G. Vossen
Relevancy Assessment of Tweets using Supervised Learning Techniques, M. Habdank, N. Rodehutskors and R. Koch
When a Tsunami Strikes: A Mobility Model for Coastline Cities, F. Garay, E. Rosas and N. Hidalgo
Georeferenced Social Media Data for Flood Mapping: The Case Study, R. Ogie and H. Forehead
Trialing a Common Operational Picture in a simulated environment, L. Dubost, F. Giroud, J.M. Boisnon, A. Clémenceau and B. Quéré
Military Three-Echelon Disaster Relief Supply Chain Management, S. M. Minic, M. Gendreau, J.-Y. Potvin, J. Berger, A. Boukhtouta and D. Thomson
Dual-mode round-robin greedy search with fair factor algorithm for relief logistics scheduling, B. K. Mishra, K. Dahal and Z. Pervez
SOLACE a multi-agent model of human behaviour driven by social attachment during seismic crisis, J. Bañgate, J. Dugdale, E. Beck and C. Adam
A Multi-method Simulation Environment for Humanitarian Supply Chains, A. Widera, C. Konradt, C. Böhle and B. Hellingrath
Toward a new Backpressure-based framework to Enhance Situational Awareness in Disaster Response, K. Abdelbaset, N. Nouali-Taboudjemat and O. Nouali
Towards a Microservices development approach for the Crisis Management field in Developing countries, D. Idoughi, K. A. Abdelouhab and C. Kolski
A middleware platform for decision support in disaster management, A. Benssam, N. NoualiTaboudjemat and O. Nouali
Research Directions on Decision Support in Disaster Relief Logistics, S. Lechtenberg, A. Widera and B. Hellingrath
Next generation Earth Observation based Crisis Information, K. Lechner and M. Gähler
Simulation based Strategic Decision Making in humanitarian Supply Chain Management, S. Ottenburger and S. Bai
Quality of Service Evaluation and Assessment Methods in Wireless Networks, A. Salama, R. Saatchi and D. Burke
Common Information Space as Enabler for Collaboration in Disaster Management – Demonstration of the Validity of the EPISECC CIS Concept, G. Neubauer, A. Preinerstorfer, G. Lichtenegger, H. Humer, H. Linke, G. Zuba, U. Delprato, G. Tusa, S. Knezic, M. Baucic, C. Dalaff, G. Gurczik, B. Ammar and A. Magzoub
Spatio-Temporal Estimation of Mobile-Phone Call Demand in the Kumamoto Earthquakes, L. Zhong, K. Takano, K. Yoda, Y. Ji and S. Yamada
Bringing Technology and Humanitarian Values Together: A Framework to Design and Assess Humanitarian Information Systems, G. S. Coletti P., R. E. Mays and A. Widera
Innovative Technologies to Support Appropriate Accommodation in Emergency Shelters, V. Kontogiannis, D. Manousos, I. Karatzanis, P. Argyropaidas and A. Kouroubali
Multidimensional report analysis in urban incident management, P. F. Tehrani, S. Pfennigschmidt, U. Kriegel, A. Billig, F. Fuchs-Kittowski and U. Meissen
The Integration of a Modified Balcik Last Mile Distribution Model using Open Road Networks into a Relief Operations Management Information System, L. G. Putong and M. De Leon
A Survey of Wireless sensor network Security in the context of Internet of Things, B. Mostefa and G. Abdalkade
SDN-based Traffic Engineering for Improved Resilience in Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Backhaul Networks, J. Mendoza, R. Ferrús and O. Sallent
Improvement of Twitter-based Disaster-related Information Sharing System, M. Kosugi, K. Utsu, S. Tajima, M. Tomita, Y. Kajita, Y. Yamamoto and O. Uchida
Post-Disaster Relief by Vehicle Route Planning and Service Time Estimation in Case of Chennai Floods, P. Ganguly and S. Roy
A Learning-based Probabilistic Routing Protocol for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks, C. Wu, T. Yoshinaga and Y. Ji
Web Application Prototype for Collecting Disaster-related Information Focusing on Tweets Immediately after Retweeting News Posts, K. Utsu, A. Manaka, K. Nakafuri and O. Uchida
Should CI operators use social media to communicate with the public during crisis situations? Lessons learned from a pilot study in Oslo Harbour, L. Petersen, L. Fallou, P. Reilly and E. Serafinell